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Senin, 31 Agustus 2009

English Poem-Best Friends Forever

Dibawah ini adalah puisi buat sahabat, dan berupa english poem, ya mungkin kamu bisa juga kasi puisi ini ke teman kamu, semoga persahabatan kita bisa untuk selamanya ya....

B~Biggest smile upon your face, morning, noon, and night
E~Exchanging silly looks, while holding laughter with all our might
S~Staying up late at night, to help each other out
T~Teasing each other about the men we care so much about

F~For having faith in each other, in everything we do
R~Rising up to challenges, may be too big for you
I~Inviting me to be your friend, and always keeping me near
E~Explaining to each other what it is we really need to hear
N~Never doubting this friendship, and showing that we care
D~Determined to keep you forever, since what we have is rare
S~Stories we tell, that never seem to get old

F~Fishing for new secrets that need to be told
O~Overjoyed by the love thats always in you heart
R~Reaching out to help everyone with your brain so very smart
E~Expressing our feelings without a second thought
V~Very fond of the funny gifts we've seemed to bought
E~Every days a blessing, because you are always there
R~Remembering always that I love you, and I care.

Atau bagi kamu yang mau tahu beberapa puisi bahasa inggris lainnya, silahkan masuk thread, semoga english poem disana bisa jadi referensi kamu, kalau ada yang mau nambahin juga silahkan dikotak koementar!

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